4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Portable Storage Unit This Winter

With the first few snowfalls of the season and temperatures plunging to -20 in Muskoka, Ontario’s winter is in full force.

As a result, it’s probably the case that your sitting at home wondering where you can store all those items you won’t need for the next six months. Have you considered portable storage

Portable storage units from Calloway Self Storage are secure, weather resistant and will completely protect your belongings from theft and damage throughout the winter months.

Not only are they secure, but since you can get them delivered straight to your home they are also highly convenient. They can be either kept at your home with storage space for equipment you might need, or they can be kept at one of our highly secure Calloway Self Storage locations.

Here are four ways a portable self storage can make your life easier this winter:

1 – Make space in your garage

Is your garage completely full with tools and equipment you barely use? With winter now on our doorstep it’s time to empty that stuff out so you can use what your garage was meant for – to store your car.

The reality for most people is that your garage has probably become a collection of miscellaneous objects that you never use, such as sporting equipment, tools, old furniture and much more.

There’s no problem storing this stuff in the warmer months, but during the winter months, your garage is the perfect location to store your car and prevent it from suffering damage from the unpredictable weather.

With a portable storage unit you can move all the stuff out of your garage and make room for your car, and more important items that you will need over the coming few months.

2 – Store summer sports equipment

Canadians love sport throughout all seasons, not just winter sport. If you have a collection of summer sports equipment that is taking up space in your house then there’s no better place to store this than a portable storage unit, where it will be completely out of the way.

Expensive items such as dirtbikes, ATVs and even boats should be stored in a place that’s completely out of your way, but also in a place that you know is completely secure and protected against theft and damage.

3 – Store your summer furniture

The colder weather and snow means you have probably already brought your summer furniture indoors to avoid wear and tear, but where have you put it? If it’s taking up room in your house then it could be ending stress and clutter to your everyday life.

By storing your summer furniture in a portable storage unit not only will you be extending the life of your furniture, but you will also be de-cluttering your home and giving yourself greater peace-of-mind.

4 – Store your winter equipment and toys

If you’ve decided that a portable storage unit on your property is the best option for you then it’s not just your summer sports equipment that you can store within it.

If you find that you have a buildup of winter equipment and sports gear such as snowblowers, snowmobiles, toboggans, skis or snowboards then it’s a great idea to keep these in a portable storage unit that is on your site.

Not only does this mean that you will still have easy access to this equipment through the winter, but it also means that these space-consuming items will be out your way and not cluttering up your home or garage.

Want more information about the benefits of a portable storage unit? Contact Calloway Self Storage today to learn more.