Store Fall Gear

Fall Storage Units for Recreational Gear

The beautiful season of fall is now here, and while everyone wants to enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible, shortly it will be time to put away canoes, paddle boards, and other warm weather recreational gear. If you’ve joined the many new paddle board owners this year, you might want to look for a storage solution that will protect …

Moving Winter Items into Storage

It’s been a slow start to spring, cloudy, cold and even snowy. While that may put you off outdoor tasks like cleaning the garage, the warm weather is just around the corner and it’s time to make sure winter equipment, recreational items and even clothing are put away for the season. If your family is keen on the great outdoors, …

Don’t Let Flooding Put A Damper On Your Cottage Retreat

It’s no surprise to people living in the Muskoka region that the beautiful watershed can become a temporary pain with seasonal snow melt. Sheds and tarping can only provide so much security in times of flooding. To ensure this season doesn’t put a damper on your cottage getaway in the summer, consider a portable storage unit.