8-Step Checklist for Moving with a Portable Unit Packing

It can be very satisfying checking off each to-do on a checklist. When moving into a new home having a checklist is the difference between a smooth move, or a damaged TV. Moving solo, without a professional moving company, can seem overwhelming so having a checked list at the end gives you peace-of-mind, and a reminder that you did it!

Choosing to use a portable storage unit allows you to have a flexible schedule – it is dropped off for you and you can keep it on your property for as long as you need. It’s a good first step to moving by yourself. 

To prepare your portable unit the right way, and lower the risk of damage to your items, use our moving checklist:

1 – Recruit some helpers
A neighbour, a cousin, or a friend make for great helpers, and will cut your packing time in half (and won’t set you back financially). Make sure you delegate and give everyone a job to do to ensure productivity.

2 – An opportunity to sell unwanted items
Make sections of things to throw out, things to pack and things to sell. If you have items you want to sell, but moving is taking up much of your free time, consider a storage unit with 24/7 security to keep your items safe and ready for resale.

3 – Use packing straps, wrap, and bubble wrap
Ensure the portable storage unit you have rented has toggles to allow straps to keep larger items from shifting during the drive. Our Calloway Portable Storage units have these toggles, and are completely weatherproof. If you do not have bubble wrap or other packing supplies, use blankets or newspaper.

4 – Pack closely to reduce movement and shifting
A tightly packed unit will reduce the movement and any shifting during the move, lowering the risk of damage to valuable items. However, make sure the wrap and the straps are not too tight on the furniture or boxes, as this could crush items and damage them.

5 – Don’t play tetris – use 1 to 3 different sized boxes
Getting more like-sized boxes allows for an easier time stacking and sorting items. Also, boxes that are too large may result in too many items, increasing the weight in the box. You will want boxes that you can comfortably get your arms around and carry.

6 – Leave the heavy lifting for the gym – No boxes over 50lbs
Don’t forget that you also have to unload, so each 50lb box becomes heavier with each lift. Having boxes that are lighter will reduce the risk of back injury as well as heavier boxes damaging other stuff.

7 – Put important and needed items such as toiletries and kitchen items last
There are items we can’t go without, and your basic needs must to be met. Putting these items in last will allow you to take out the essentials first. This comes in handy when a break is needed, and you do not have to unload the entire unit.

8 – Mark what is in each box – be specific!
Taking a little extra time writing down the contents of a box will save you a huge headache when unpacking. Don’t start off in your new home disorganized.

Moving does not have to be a stressful time when you’ve got the right organizational skills to get it done, and get it done right! Following a checklist allows you to plan out the move prior to starting it, which can get overwhelming and cause you to forget something.

Portable storage units are a great way to make moving by yourself easier, and ensure your items are safe and secure.

At Calloway Storage, we’re a family owned and operated portable storage and storage unit supplier, and we take pride in our customer service- especially delivering quality products on time.

Our units have toggles allowing you to strap down larger items during a move, and are weather resistant to protect your items! If you’re moving near MacTier and Minden, ON, contact us for a free estimate on your portable storage unit.