Mobile Storage Container Ontario

Contactless Moving During The Pandemic

Moving is a fact of life, pandemic or not. And for many people, relocating permanently to central Ontario is a choice destination, as work from home trends continue to be high.

But, moving during a national health crisis is not without some challenges. The moving industry is considered an essential service and moving companies have been doing their utmost to implement covid procedures and contactless services.

However, whether for costs, or simply the desire to be in total control of the move – people are choosing to DIY their move and use a mobile storage unit to help.

Here are 4 ways a mobile storage container will help you move during the covid pandemic.

#1 – Contactless delivery and pick-up: Your mobile storage container will be dropped off at your location so that you can pack it. No movers need to enter your house and handle your belongings because you do the boxing and load the mobile unit yourself.

#2 – Packing at your speed – go slow or go fast: With a mobile storage container, you can choose to load it and move it to a new location quickly, or take you time and pack it up at your convenience. During the pandemic, with everything else going on, having the extra time to pack what you want to take and remove items not needed over a longer period of time can be helpful.

#3 – Unpacking when ready! Once the mobile unit is delivered to your new property you can also take your time unpacking it. Once you have the keys to your new home, you’ll want to disinfect everything and get it ready to receive furnishings. Having the time to do this slowly and methodically can give you peace of mind.

#4 – The Option for Longer-term Storage: Moving is all about logistics and sometimes occupancy dates don’t quite line-up. When you need longer storage, remember that with a mobile storage unit you can have the container stored at our facility. With the pandemic, you can rest easy that all your possessions remain intact in a sealed container until you decide to un-pack them. You are the only one to have contact with them, and they don’t have to be transferred to a different unit.

At Calloway storage we take pride in offering secure storage units and mobile storage containers in several regions across central Ontario. Unsure how renting a mobile storage unit works? Give us a call 705-375-0777. We’d be pleased to answer all your questions.