Don’t Let Flooding Put A Damper On Your Cottage Retreat

It’s no surprise to people living in the Muskoka region that the beautiful watershed can become a temporary pain with seasonal snow melt. Sheds and tarping can only provide so much security in times of flooding. To ensure this season doesn’t put a damper on your cottage getaway in the summer, consider a portable storage unit that provides:

    • Easy Evacuation
    • Security and Protection
  • Flexible Rental Agreement

Portable Storage Allows Easy Evacuation

All of the snow that we receive each winter with comes a bit of flooding, and being prepared can save your valuables from water damage. Storage containers that are portable allow you to act fast, as everything is already packed up and just needs to be moved. In times of stress, it is always best to have a plan, so mother nature won’t get the best of you. If you need your unit moved to a different location, a portable storage unit is the easiest option, especially in times of distress.

Containers That Protect And Secure

The old shed isn’t as sturdy as it once was, and the garage is packed to the brim, it’s time for a storage container! With portable storage containers, everything that needs to be protected from rising waters and snow melt are securely stored. They are weather resistant, and will keep your items dry and safe.

Flexibility Is A Must

The purpose of portable storage containers comes down to personalized needs. When you are shopping around for portable units, be sure the offer is flexible, as the weather can change in an instant. Items, like cars, ATV’s, and lawn mowers might all fit in the garage, but with unpredictable flooding, it’s important to have a company willing to provide a rental service based on your needs.

Are you ready for the snow melt this coming spring?

At Calloway Storage, we specialize in portable units that keep your belongings safe. We are a family owned business, in the heart of cottage country with locations in Minden and MacTier. Get a free estimate on portable units, or contact us to reserve your unit today!