Self Storage: 4 Tips to Preserve Your Furniture While in Long-Term Storage

Whether you are moving house, looking for somewhere to store your valuable antiques or simply putting away some items for your children, self storage is a fantastic option that will give you a safe place to store your valuable items while also decluttering your home.

Furniture is the largest and most common item in your household, and, as a result, it’s easy for furniture to create clutter. Instead of having these pieces take up room in your home, it may be time to store your unneeded furniture in a self storage unit.

While it may seem a daunting task at first, putting your furniture in a self storage unit will ensure the safety and protection of your prized possessions and make your house less stressful to live in.

However, to ensure your furniture remains in great condition while in storage there are some basic steps you should follow. Calloway Storage has listed four key tips here:

1 – Clean and prepare

The first step to putting your furniture in a self storage unit is to prepare your items, this starts by cleaning furniture. Give each items a thorough clean with a fresh cloth, and ensure every item has any damage repaired to stop cracks and rips spreading.

Once clean, put your furniture in a well-ventilated room and dry completely before packing it up. This will ensure there are no patches of trapped moisture that could cause damage, discoloration or mould growth over time.

2 – Disassemble large items for transportation and storage

After cleaning your furniture, it’s time to disassemble the larger items for easier transportation and more efficient storage. By removing legs from tables, taking out drawers on dressers and taking off cushions from couches, not only will furniture be easier to transport but it will also be easier to stack in your storage unit.

When disassembling your furniture make sure that you do this carefully. If you lose any nuts or bolts it’s possible you won’t be able to construct the furniture again, or it will at least be more difficult.

3 – Cover and protect your furniture

Now you have cleaned your furniture and disassembled the larger pieces, it’s time to make sure that they are all protected properly. Wrap items that can easily break in bubble wrap and protect larger items of furniture by covering them with blankets.

Although many people might suggest covering furniture in plastic, you should avoid this where possible. Plastic packaging can suffocate certain materials such as wood and fabrics, which can lead to condensation and unpleasant smells developing in your storage unit.

4 – Store smartly

When placing your furniture in the self storage unit, make sure you do it strategically. Maximize your units space by creating a proper plan to stack your items, and if you think you might need something then make sure it’s accessible.

Storing your items strategically will encourage air to flow freely around your unit and that will protect your furniture from damage, but it will also reduce damage to your items by placing heavier items on the bottom and items that you might need closer to the door.

Want any further tips on how to protect and store your furniture, or simply want to enquire about a self storage unit? Contact us today for more information.