Decluttering Your Home

Staging Your Home for Re-Sale Just Got Easier

Staging can sometimes get a bad rap. Not because it isn’t effective – it is extremely effective.

Staging is one of the best ways to increase the saleability of your property and allows potential buyers to better imagine their furnishings arranged in the rooms.

Staging lets your house speak for itself.

When you position your furniture in a way that emphasizes key features, appeals to the mass market, and makes your home more welcoming, you can attract the highest number buyers. Increased interest in your home will potentially increase profit and maybe result in an earlier closing date.

The issue is that staging used to be incredibly inconvenient.

To stage your home effectively, you want to declutter, minimize the amount of furniture in each room, ensure there is good traffic flow and create the illusion of space.

This is often easier said than done.

Decluttering is hard for many of us because we have a lot of possessions (unless you live a very minimalistic lifestyle): furniture, appliances, linens, clothes, toys, electronics – the list goes on.

Unfortunately, while all the furnishings, photos and personal items inside your home remind you of the wonderful times you had while living there, these items can make it difficult for your buyers to visualize themselves in the space.

Maybe you have a different design aesthetic, or perhaps your clutter, while inevitable for the most organized of homeowners, makes your space look too small or accentuates the lack of storage. Maybe your potential buyer just can’t see how their own things will fit into the space the way yours does.

Whatever the reason, too many belongings have an adverse effect on saleability, profitability and mass appeal.

While selling a home gives us an opportunity to re-home items that we no longer need or use, by holding a garage sale, giving our possessions to other friends and families or donating to a charity, it’s very difficult to condense our belongings enough to effectively stage our homes.

So what do you do? You want to take advantage of the benefits of staging but you don’t want to get rid of all your valuable, sentimental and treasured belongings.

The solution? Rent a portable storage unit!

Portable storage units are a great choice for homeowners who are looking to stage their home in preparation for the big move.

Simply give us a call or send an email, have a storage unit delivered to your property and then take all the time you need to pack it.

Once it’s filled, you can either store it on your property (we recommend somewhere discreet) so that you still have access to your things, or you can have the storage unit picked up and stored at our secure facilities, in Minden or MacTier.

That means you can take advantage of self-storage without the having to make multiple trips back and forth, to the storage site.

If you are located in the Muskoka region and are looking to sell your home, give us a call. We have the storage solution you need to store your furniture and personal possessions, while you stage your home for resale.

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