Moving in the Winter

Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving in the winter is not ideal. Let’s face it. The weather is unpredictable and can slow down the loading and unloading of your household contents – even make it dangerous if there are icy conditions. But, moving in the winter can be better managed with some advance preparation.

Here are some tips to help you get ready and manage your move.

#1 – Prepare well in advance for your move. With winter weather typically well below freezing in central Ontario, you want to conduct your move in a well organized fashion to minimize the loading times. This means having everything well packaged, labeled and ready to go. The time you spend up front so you are not packing boxes on the day of the move, will be appreciated by everyone who is helping.

#2 – Separate out items that could be damaged by the cold. Think about everything you are taking and whether you have any belongings that are sensitive to cold temperatures. For example, house plants could be removed to a family member’s house weeks in advance so they won’t be a concern on moving day.

#3 – Don’t forget to consider pets. Moving is a day of upheaval and pets feel the agitation. While you are dealing with the move, having pets to look after, especially coming in from the snow is an extra distraction. Think about relocating pets to a friends house or even a kennel while the move is taking place.

#4 – Extra cleaning supplies. Tracking in snow, ice and melt water while moving means hallways can quickly become a safety hazard. Keep cleaning supplies and paper towels or wipes at hand for quick clean up in between loading runs.

#5 – Waterproof boxes. If you think some items could become damaged if boxes get wet, then consider putting those belongings in clear plastic bins.

#6 – Keep your eye on the weather forecast. In some cases your move date is flexible and you can better plan the move based on a weather forecast. Select a day without precipitation or high winds that can cause poor driving conditions.

#7 – Consider a mobile storage container. A mobile storage container can help you move in the winter because you can have it delivered well in advance of your moving date and load it on days when the weather is not as severe. And of course, with a mobile container, we do the driving. If you were going to rent a truck in the winter and worried about driving you can put that to rest. Our professional drivers will pick up your mobile container and deliver it to your new location or our storage facility.

At Calloway Storage we offer both mobile storage containers and self-storage lockers, at several convenient locations in cottage country: Minden, MacTier, Gravenhurst. Visit our website to learn more.