Items at a garage sale

7 Tips and Tricks to Host a Successful Garage Sale

It has taken a bit longer than expected, but the sun and warm weather has finally arrived in Ontario, Canada, this year and hopefully it’s here to stay. If you’re looking to declutter your home, this weather brings the perfect opportunity to host a garage sale.

A garage sale is a fantastic way to clean out your house and turn all those unused and unwanted items that are piling up in your living space into a money-making opportunity. 

However, having a garage sale takes works and can at first seem a little overwhelming – especially if you have never hosted one before. By making a plan you’ll be able to streamline the entire process, while also making sure you are able to successfully sell your items.

To help, Calloway Storage has created a list of seven tips and tricks that will set you on the path of hosting a successful garage sale:

1 – Organize your items

The first step to planning your garage sale will be organizing everything in your house that you don’t need. However, you don’t want to grab all these things and just throw them on a table for potential buyers to look through. 

By taking the time to organize your items into categories that can be nicely displayed as well as cleaning them, you’ll ensure that your garage sale is aesthetically cleaning to your customers and you’ll increase the chance of them wanting to buy something.

2 – Ask your neighbours to join in

Want to know what makes people more excited than one garage sale? Multiple garage sales! To really attract potential buyers to your garage sale, try and get your neighbours to join in as well. 

3 – Advertise your sale

To build interest for your garage sale it’s important that you advertise your event. This will include using social media and websites such as Craigslist to get the word out there that you are hosting a garage sale. 

Not only that, but also consider putting up signs on busy streets. These will direct potential buyers to your garage sale. This will encourage people driving or walking by to stop and have a look, as well as helping people who are already looking for your garage sale to find it successfully. 

4 – Prepare to haggle

The people attending your garage sale will love a bargain, and they will be prepared to haggle for one. You should be open to bargaining too if you want to sell your items – remember your main reason for hosting a garage sale is clearing out your house, not turning over a huge profit. 

5 – Make sure you have change!

Your items are probably going to be priced at a whole range of prices, and your customers are not always going to have the exact amount of money to pay for them. If you don’t make sure you have change before your garage sale, then you’ll either lose out on sales or have to charge your customers less.

This is particularly true if you are selling lots of smaller items that will be less expensive than some of your more bigticket items. Go to a bank before the event and make sure you have a wide range of change for the entire time you are hosting your garage sale. 

6 – Lower your prices towards the end of the sale 

Is your garage sale coming to a close but you still have unwanted items that you are desperate to get rid of? Why not consider lowering your prices to try and encourage passers-by to purchase those items.

You can do this by simply crossing out your existing prices and writing new ones, or you could put a sign up that states there is a discount on everything – think half price or two items for the price of one. This will encourage more people to stop by and have a look at what you are selling.

7 – Store your items in a storage unit before your garage sale

Want to know one of the most important aspects that will impact the success of your garage sale? The weather. 

While it has been getting warmer here in Ontario, there is still rain in the forecast and this could completely ruin your event. That’s why you should consider storing the items you want to sell in a self-storage unit or a portable storage unit

Not only will this help you declutter your home straight away without the need of having to sell your items, it also means you’ll be able to wait for the perfect weather to appear before you host your garage sale.