Packing a Storage Locker

Tips For Organizing Your Storage Locker

You’ve decide to lease a storage locker to have more storage room for your household and personal belongings. That’s great! Having the convenience of readily accessible extra storage space can really give you comfort and peace of mind.

But if you are trying to fix a clutter problem in your basement, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could re-organize everything as you moved items over into your storage locker? Here are some tips that can help you do just that.

#1 – Group items by category / type. Overtime when items don’t have a designated storage area, they can become widely scattered throughout your basement or garage. Decide what items will move to the storage locker and then group them by type. Example, group sports equipment together, camping or outdoor games, seasonal clothing, books, etc.. into areas before you start packing them up.

#2 – Re-group items by size. Once you have a collection of say, sports equipment, then re-organize items by size. You might find that you need a storage box or container for larger items like hockey sticks, versus a small container for misc. balls, pucks etc.

#3 – Use a variety of storage bins. Although it can be convenient to have one basic size of box to move, sometimes this just results in wasted space. Having a few different sizes of boxes can ensure that they are well packed.

#4 – Consider clear bins. Cardboard boxes are low cost, but plastic bins can be ideal, offering better protection and the ability to easily find what you are looking for at a glance. If some of your belongings are going to move in and out of storage frequently then having those items in a clear bin can make that process easier.

#5 – Label everything. We always think we’ll remember what we put in different containers but after a season or two that memory is hard to remember. Use a permanent marker to write on boxes, labels, tape to identify contents.

#6 – Loading order. When you load your storage unit consider which items you’ll need to access on a regular basis and keep those handy near the front. Last in – First out. Otherwise be sure to stack boxes and bins so that heavier boxes are on the floor. Overtime, the weight of items can compress cardboard boxes and cause damage.

#7 – Inventory. Again, you may think you’ll remember what you took to the storage locker, but chances are one day you’ll be trying to find something at home and wonder if it is in your locker. As you pack boxes record what’s in them in a note book or even in a photo album! That way when something needs to be located you can scan through the photos or notes and find it before you drive out to the storage facility.

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