Portable Storage Containers

Tips For Packing a Mobile Storage Container

Portable storage units or mobile self-storage containers have been around for residential use for about 20 years.

The are reusable, wind and water tight and primarily made out of steel or composite and wood options.

The market for portable storage containers is experiencing rapid growth. Traditionally people had 2 options when they needed to move houses. They either paid for a full service moving company or van line to help, or they did it themselves.

But today, homeowners, cottage owners, condo owners, apartment dwellers have much more flexibility and budget friendly choices.

Portable storage containers offer an option that is more personalized and lower cost. Did you know that one in ten people utilize a storage solution every year?

Portable storage units allow consumers personal control over their move. Having a container delivered to your property means that you can pack it yourself, knowing exactly where everything is and putting items inside in an order that makes sense when you need to unpack it at a new location. Also, you can arrange to have the storage container as long as you want at your location so that you don’t have to feel rushed getting the contents of your house moved on one day – the day it inevitably snows or rains.

Here are some tips on getting ready to move using a portable storage container…

Get Ready to Move:

  1. Making a Plan for Packing Your Mobile Unit – think about all your large pieces of furniture and awkwardly shaped or large fragile items. Figure out the best way to fill the unit with heavy items at the bottom and everything secure.
  2. Organize your boxes by size and label them for easy unpacking and sorting in new rooms.
  3. Get Supplies Ready – figure out ahead of time what you need for boxes and where you will get them from. Other items to shop for: packing tape, scissor, bubble wrap/ paper, blanket. If you have original boxes for some fragile items like computer components, TV etc., they will have original shipping protection such as Styrofoam.
  4. Securing Items inside the mobile unit – check with us for information about anchor hoops for ropes, ratchet straps or bungee cords to keep everything from moving during transportation. Pack between items with blankets, pillows, sleeping bags etc. Pack your container tightly to prevent shifting and consider the distribution of weight. Don’t pile items too high.

If you’re moving this winter or getting ready for a spring 2021 move, get in touch with us and explore the option of a mobile self-storage container. We think it’s a great option, offering flexibility, more control, and cost savings!