Decluttering Your Home

Declutter in 2022 – Top 10 Self-Storage Tips you Need to Know

Decluttering to start off the new year with space and a better organized household? It’s time to move some of the items you have in your house into a self-storage unit, but did you know that making the most out of your self-storage unit requires a little forward thinking and planning?

There are several tips and tricks you should be aware of before hand, such as labeling your boxes and making an aisle in your unit. Here’s 10 ideas to help you get ready and optimize your storage space.

1 – Determine the best way to pack your belongingsDepending on what you are storing in your self storage unit, you’ll need to determine whether your goods will be better protected by placing them in boxes, totes, or other containers. You may even need to purchase specialized boxes to keep your items safe from damage during the move and while they are stored away.

2 – Label your storage boxes

Packing and storing your items away can be stressful, but there’s nothing more stressful than trying to rifle through your self-storage unit and not remembering where you stored everything.

That’s why it’s essential that you label your storage boxes, it will help locating items that you need in the future.

3 – Dismantle furniture before storing

If you are storing furniture that can be easily flat packed or dismantled, then make sure you do this before storing it away. Storing bulky furniture in a self-storage unit can make it awkward to place other items around it.

Furniture is the largest and most common item in your household, and, as a result, it’s easy for furniture to create clutter. If you are looking to put your furniture in a self-storage unit, read some tips on our blog ‘Self Storage: 4 Tips to Preserve Your Furniture While in Long-Term Storage’.

4 – Keep unwanted critters out

By using dryer sheets, you will be able to keep insects and spiders away from your items. Place the sheets in all corners of the unit and over boxes, especially by the front of the unit The sheets, which will also keep your items smelling clean, can be replaced monthly to ensure they stay fresh.

5 – Make an aisle in your storage unit

If you simply throw all of your boxes into a self-storage unit at random, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to get to that item right at the back that you’ll probably need in the future. By making an aisle between your boxes you will be able to easily access your stored items.

Sometimes you simply need to access single items from your self-storage unit, with an aisle you can simply walk to the back without having to move all of the boxes out to find what you’re looking for.

6 – Provide ventilation to your self-storage unit

Leaving a small space between the walls of your self-storage unit and your boxes will prevent mold and allow ventilation. Using wood pallets to keep your boxes off the floor will also provide further ventilation.

7 – De-fuel appliances before storing

If you are storing appliances that use fuel, such as lawn mowers, snowmobiles and any other gas-powered machinery, then you should make sure these are either completely empty or full to the brim. This will stop the build up of condensation within their tanks.

8 – Absorb moisture

By putting charcoal in a saucepan and leaving it in your unit, you will help absorb any excessive moisture within your self-storage unit.

9 – Plan your storage placement

Create a plan and map out, roughly, where in your unit your items are going to be placed and how each box will fit together. This will allow you to utilize the self-storage space that you are paying for.

Don’t forget to put things that you will need more regularly, or sooner, towards the front of the unit to make them more accessible. Heavier boxes should also go on the bottom to prevent them from compressing other items.

10 – Create a storage inventory

It’s easy to forget what you have put in your self-storage unit, and this can lead to you going out to buy duplicate items and creating even more clutter in your home. Having an inventory is an easy way of checking what is stored in your unit without having to rummage through your unit trying to remember if you still have an item or not.

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