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Why Portable Storage Units are Perfect for Decluttering Your Home or Business This Winter

Are you looking to declutter your home or business during the winter months? Portable storage units are the perfect option. 

Portable storage units are a fantastic option for people looking to declutter their home and business during the winter months.

They are secure and weather resistant, so you can feel confident that your belongings will stay safe and dry all season long.

Portable storage is also convenient – simply have one delivered to your property, fill it up and then decide whether you want to keep it on site or at our secure storage facility.

Best of all, portable storage units are incredibly versatile – just check out all the ways you can use your portable storage unit.

Portable Storage at Home

1. Make Space in Your Garage

Sure, your garage is supposed to be used to store your car, but the reality is that it has become a collection area for your sporting equipment, tools, old furniture you aren’t ready to part with and other countless possessions you’ve accumulated over the past few months (or even years).

While this isn’t a problem in the warmer months, come the winter, you begin missing the extra space to store your car and keep it snow-free.

That is where portable storage units come in.

With a portable storage unit, you can easily move all of your belongings out of the garage, giving you the space you need to park your car throughout the winter months.

2. Storing Your Winter Toys (and Equipment)

Snowmobiling, tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding, skating – there are tons of great winter sports that you can enjoy but most people don’t have enough room to store all of their required gear. And don’t forget the snow blowers and shovels.

Instead of leaving it outside, or using up your valuable garage space, keep them in a portable storage unit. This will keep them safe and in good condition, all while deterring thieves.

3. Summertime Furniture and Toys

Once the snow hits, you probably won’t be spending much time outside, which means you won’t have need for your outdoor furniture, décor, toys, and sporting equipment. While you can simply leave them outside, chances are they will be damaged or broken. To keep them safe and out of the way, they can be kept in a portable storage unit.

Portable Storage for Businesses

Seasonal Merchandise

If you are a retail store you will likely have seasonal merchandise that spends at least half the year in storage. While you probably try to unload it at the end of each year, it isn’t always possible. So, where do you put it all?

Simply have a storage unit placed behind your property and you will have additional storage for seasonal products whenever you need it.

This can also be a great solution for the influx of products that you receive around the holidays.

Seasonal Décor

Getting your business ready for the holidays is a big affair – there are trees, decorations, lights, and signs. A portable storage unit is the perfect solution for storing all of your trimmings at the end of the season – giving you more space inside to store the things you use year-round.

Outdoor Events

Cold weather events are a big deal, especially in Canada. The problem is that events mean lots of tables, chairs, event décor, equipment, and tents, etc.

Instead of leaving it outside where it may get damaged, or spending copious amounts of time carrying it in and out of your business or hauling it to and from a storage unit, you can opt for portable storage.

Simply have the unit delivered before the event, pack everything inside each night and, when you are finished, have it brought to our secure facility where you know it will be safe and dry until the next event.

At Calloway Storage, we specialize in portable storage. To reserve your unit, contact us today!