Small House or Condo Living – The Need for Storage

Moving from a bigger house into a condo or a smaller house can be a challenge. You are preparing to move, and you realize that your new condo, or the smaller house you bought, will not have enough storage space. You may have larger furniture that you are not yet ready to sell, or other items that might not fit into your new place.  

Whatever your reasons, you may be considering renting a self-storage unit to safely protect your personal belongings. Self-storage units are usually the best option for people who are looking for extra storage space, or for those who are moving out of a home but have not yet moved into the new one, or even for people who are relocating somewhere short-term. Self-storage is a helpful option for those in-between-times, and to storage your goods away so they are ready and safe for you when you return.

One important thing to think about when choosing a storage unit is what is the right unit size for your needs?

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right self-storage:

    • Value Cleanliness: remember that this is the place where you will be storing your personal belongings, and you should value the cleanliness of the units. You don’t want to find yourself standing in the middle of a dusty unit that looks like hasn’t been maintained in ages. As you walk into a facility it is easy to see which ones value cleanliness and which ones don’t.
    • Security: it is important to know if the facility you are choosing offers security and monitoring. Most places, but not all offer 24-hour video surveillance. Make sure you know who is going to watch your unit when you are not there. Security is important when it comes to self-storage.
  • Good fit: Your choice should be based on your own needs. If you are storing valuable items you should consider a facility that is very secure and is climatized to make sure your items will be in a good shape no matter what the weather is like. But if you are looking to storage items you are not sure you want to keep or throw away, price might be your top consideration.

Living in a small house or a condo often leads to the need for more storage space. The limited amount of space can be hard to adjust to, but self-storage can help you solve that problem. Another option if you are moving is to hire a portable storage unit. Simply have one delivered to your house, saving you from multiple trips to and from your storage location- fill it up and then decide if you want to keep it on-site or at a secure storage facility.

Portable storage units are secure, weatherproof and ensure your belongings stay dry. They are also very versatile and are great for storing a number of personal items to ensure they stay safe from rodents, poor weather conditions, and possible break-ins.

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