Mobile Portable Storage

How a Portable Storage Container Helps You Move

Despite the 2020 pandemic, real estate in Ontario continues to increase in value as demand remains strong in many communities. One trend was people relocating from cities to smaller communities and even rural properties. This was influenced by the larger shift to remote working that many companies implemented during the year.

So with an active real estate market likely to continue into 2021, let’s look at how to make moving easier for the homeowner.

There’s no question that changing houses causes people to evaluate their possessions and even reduce unused items and clutter. In fact, many homeowners start preparing for a move years in advance, so that they can make the change quickly and go into a new home with just the items they want.

But often we’re not so prepared to pare down our belongings to a minimum. It takes time to make sure furnishing, for example, are passed along to family members or personal keep-sakes end up in the right hands.

A portable storage unit can help with this process of downsizing by providing temporary storage that can be extended for whatever time frame you need. This will allow you to put items into a portable unit and have it safely stored at our facility or at your new location.

This is also a great help for DYI movers. If you are looking to do the move yourself, a portable storage unit perhaps alongside a truck rental can get the job down with minimal stress.

For example, with a traditional move the movers need to pack and unpack at your location within a day or so. This means that all your belongs end up inside and need sorting and unpacking to clear the clutter. Stepping over and around boxes for weeks is not fun and adds to the stress of setting up your new home.

With a mobile storage unit, you can fill it up at your old location, packing it in an order that you decide, and call to have it transported to your new location when you want. Perhaps you divide your move into segments and have your rental truck take over what you need for the first phase of living and put secondary items in your mobile storage container. You can then get your home set up over a period of time and only call for the mobile container when you are ready to unpack it.

In other words, moving with a mobile storage container puts you in control of the move.

For more information about renting a mobile storage container in central Ontario, give us a call. We’d be pleased to answer any questions you have.