4 Reasons Why Self Storage is the Best Option for Your Archived Documents

With the beautiful fall season approaching in Muskoka and Kawartha lakes, there is one thing that many people are trying not to think about – taxes. In Canada, it’s a requirement to have at least seven years of archived documentation regarding your business for tax purposes.

Seven years starts to pile up. If you’re running out of space to store your documents at your business or home, it’s time to kick your archived files out – into a safe self-storage location. 

Why is self-storage the best option? Here at Calloway Storage we have four reasons:

1 – Your Business is for Business

With over seven years of tax documentation, you might notice your office becoming cluttered with file cabinets and boxes. Having archived files onsite takes away from your business if employees and customers have to navigate around them. Your documents can be stored elsewhere until they are needed for taxes, so get your business back in action.

2 – Archived Documents Must Be Protected

Documentation needed for tax time contains sensitive information about your business, and needs to be secured – not piled in a closet. Having these files in the open at a business or home can compromise the privacy of your financial and private information.

Relocating to a secure self-storage unit with 24-7 video security is recommended to ensure your information remains protected.

3 – Storage Doesn’t Need to be Far away

The best option for those wanting to be in close proximity to their documents can rent a portable storage unit. At Calloway, we have portable storage units that we drop off at your location. If your business is located near MacTier or Minden – and you require 24/7 video-security – we have locations in each town with self-storage units.

4 – Backup Your Info without Losing Office Space

Many businesses choose to have physical documentation with online archived data to ensure their information won’t be lost, damaged, or accidently erased. Self-storage allows for the physical backup of information to be stored.

3In Muskoka for example, the threat of forest fires this summer of 2018 has threatened many businesses. Being proactive is better than reactive in these situations, and backing up important information cannot be an afterthought.

It’s easy to forget about the need to archive business documents, but if you are tripping over it in your shop, it’s time to relocate it somewhere safe.

Keeping documents in your home or office may seem more comfortable, but it can also begin to impede on your ability to work. There is storage help for you in the Muskoka and Kawartha lakes regions with Calloway Storage.

We’re family owned, and offer self-storage and portable storage units. Get a free quote to start decluttering and preparing for tax season with a portable unit!