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DIY Moving With a Portable Storage Container

Are you among the many thousands of people planning on moving this summer? July and August are peak moving times following the wave of spring real estate activity. Most families want to move while the weather is warm and before the start of school.

It can take several months advance preparation to book trucks, moving equipment, and find or select a moving partner. Many homeowners decide to cut the expense of hiring a professional moving company and go it alone.

While renting a small truck is very doable for most people, it can be a real challenge to get everything ready for the move, and pack and unpack the truck over as few days as possible. The costs if you keep the truck for several days really adds up. And that’s if you can get everything moved over in one trip.

The perfect solution for DIY movers is a portable storage unit.

Imagine getting your mobile storage container delivered to your driveway several weeks ahead of the move. You can take your time and carefully pack it over weeks instead of days or even hours!

This means items can be well packaged, labeled, and you’ll feel more in control when not rushed.

Once the container is full you then arrange a delivery to your new location. We’ll look after that for you! And if you need an interim holding period, we can store the mobile unit at our secure storage yard.

You may find you still need a truck for some of your possessions, but having the bulk of your belongings already packed and stored in a mobile storage container before the big moving day is a huge benefit.

Mobile storage units provide a cost-effective way for homeowners to cut back on moving costs by doing it themselves.

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