Storage Solutions for In Between Moves

In-between Moves? Storage Solutions Solve the Crisis

If you’ve been following the real estate market and seen some of the newspaper articles recently, then you may already know about the situation many sellers have found themselves in.

With an over-heated real estate demand, some home and cottage owners have decided it is a good time to sell to hopefully get the highest possible sale price. With homes and cottages going for tens and even hundreds of thousands over the asking price you can see why this is an attractive time to sell if you were considering selling over the next few years anyway.

The problem and crisis comes in when those sellers also want to become buyers. If a home sells right away, the homeowner might find themselves stuck needing to bridge the gap between their move-out date and a move-in date at a new property. In fact, in some cases, homeowners have been unable to buy another property and are left sorting out temporary accommodation while they try to close a deal.

That’s where Calloway storage solutions help! One popular solution is to use a Calloway portable storage unit. The portable container is delivered to your property any time before your move. You pack your entire household furniture and personal belongings and when done, call us for a pick-up. If you are in-between moves, we’ll store the unit at one of a security storage facilities for as long as you need. When you buy your next home or cottage, we’ll deliver the container back to your new property and you can move right in.

Another solution is to rent a Calloway self storage locker at one of Calloway’s conveniently located and secure facilities (MacTier, Minden, Gravenhurst). We have a full range of sizes to fit your needs and can help you determine the best sized unit. If you arrange to have a storage unit well before your move-out date, you can transfer over many household belongs by car and then only use a mover to help deliver the larger furniture items.

It’s stressful to be in-between moves, but we are pleased to help by providing both mobile storage containers and storage lockers. Be sure to get in touch about availability and pricing, or if you have any questions.