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Get Ready to Pack – 3 Tips for Using a Storage Locker

You’ve made a decision to rent a storage locker for temporary and longer term storage of household belongings. Good for you! A storage locker will free up space in your home and help you feel more organized!

But to get the most out of the experience it’s good to have a plan and think ahead about how you want to organize the contents of the storage unit.

Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

#1 – Packing Your Items – You will want to use sturdy storage boxes to ensure your items are protected, and also to make it easier to stack containers on top of each other. Old, worn, or broken boxes are not a good idea. The can be easily crushed and overtime this can expose contents to the elements. Better to use new boxes such as legal file folder boxes or plastic bins.

Try not to overweight the boxes as this can cause them to tear or break apart when moving. Project more fragile items with cloth wrapping or packing chips or bubble wrap. Store like items together and make sure to label the boxes with categories of contents. Example: kitchen dishes, college notes, small toys..

#2 – Inventory – In addition to labeling your boxes, make an inventory of what is going into the storage locker. This doesn’t take too long to do and it will save you time and energy in the future. If you label boxes with a box number you can add the box number to your inventory list. Imagine how wonderful it would be to send someone to go to the storage locker and retrieve an item from a specific box number! Now that’s organized!

#3 – Plan Your Layout – Take time to plan how you want to layout your items within the storage locker. For example you might keep your furniture on one side and boxes on the opposite side with an aisle in the middle. It all comes down to maintaining a layout that makes it easy to find and remove items in the future.

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