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Winter Storage: How to Plan Ahead

October is a great season to enjoy some time outdoors in the fall colours, and while parks and hiking trails are free of snow. It’s also a good time to plan ahead for winter storage and take care of tasks around the house while the weather is warm.

For many families, space for storing household belongings is at a premium. And with more people spending leisure time at home, freeing up the basement or making room for a home office is a priority.

Moving some furniture and items like outdoor sports equipment, patio chairs, water toys, books, kids toys and garage items – into a self-storage locker will help create the space you need.

Now is the time to plan this out. Storage lockers are completely accessible year-round but moving items in the warm dry weather is so much more relaxed and easy, compared with moving in the cold winds of November and December.

The first step is to walk around your property and take inventory of items you’d like to move to storage. Don’t forget to check outdoor sheds, garages, deck boxes, and of course the basement or crawlspace.

When you have your list, and have finalized it, feel free to call us and get help determining the size of storage locker you need. We’d be pleased to help with that. Or see our blog, “Selecting a Self-Storage Unit – What Size Do I Need“, about how to calculate the right sized unit for your belongings.

Once you have your space booked, it’s time to get ready for the move. If you are renting a truck you’ll want to prepare and pack well in advance so that you can minimize your truck rental time period. Use sturdy boxes or plastic bins and make sure to label the outside so you can easily remember the contents. Keep that finalized inventory list for future reference. When someone asks where something is.. you can look it up and let them know it’s safely stored in your locker!

If you are not booking a truck, you can take your time. It takes the stress out to know you can pack up boxes when convenient to you, and transfer them over to your safe and secure locker.

But, remember how time flies.. and getting seasonal items over to your locker before the weather changes, means you can sit back and enjoy the fall without worrying about moving in the cold winter weather.

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