A family at Christmas

Self Storage: 5 Ways to Declutter Your Home This Christmas

It’s less than two months until Christmas, and if you’re playing host to family and friends this year it’s likely that you’re starting to look into ways to clean and declutter your home.

If this is the case, you are probably trying to work out where family members will be sleeping during the festive period, figuring out where you’re going to store all the presents your children will receive, and preparing for the day itself with copious amounts of decorations, food and drink.

But how exactly can you do this, especially when it often seems as if you do not have enough space for the things you already have in your home. 

Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure you make the most out of your living space and have a clutter-free Christmas. Calloway Storage has listed a few key tips:

1 – Sort through children’s toys

If you have young children in your house, then you probably won’t be surprised to hear that toys are one of the worst offenders when it comes to clutter in your house. With the holidays fast approaching there will only be more clutter added in the form of toys.

Use the build-up to Christmas to sort through your children’s existing toys. Donate any toys that they don’t play with anymore, and throw away any that are broken or damaged. Toys that are sentimental can be stored in a self-storage unit.

2 – Cut out some of your old decorations

Christmas trees and house decorations take up a large amount of space in your attic, closet and cupboards, yet we have an uncanny knack to hoard these items until there’s absolutely no excuse but to get rid of them.

While it may seem counterintuitive, Christmas actually represents the perfect time to get rid of these decorations. As you put out your Christmas decorations, make sure you take note of anything that you don’t use and either donate or throw them out. Also ensure you throw out anything that’s broken, as we all seem to keep broken Christmas decorations in our house far too long.

3 – Make room in your kitchen

If you’re hosting family this Christmas, then you’ll probably be spending hours in the kitchen cooking up a delicious festive feast. But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably have way too many gadgets that are trying to break out of your cupboards.

Go through your dishes, Tupperware and cooking gadgets. If you only use these things once a year then they should be recycled or donated. It’s also a good time to start using up or throwing out anything that’s been in the freezer for too long. You’ll need that space for a turkey and all the trimmings.

4 – Donate old clothes

Clothes are one of the items that take up the most space in our home. You’ve filled the closets and drawers in your bedrooms, and now you’ve maybe even started filling up the closets in the spare bedroom that your family members will be sleeping in. 

Worst of all, you’ll probably get even more clothes for Christmas. Take the time this winter to go through your old clothes and donate any that you, or your children, don’t wear anymore. This will give you more space to store those other items that are cluttering your house.

5 – Rent a self storage unit

Just because you’ve found a large number of items that you don’t want to clutter your house during the festive season, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get rid of them either. That’s where a self storage unit comes in. 

A self storage unit will provide you with the perfect solution to effectively store the items that you don’t want to clutter your home while giving you the time to decide whether you actually want them or not in the long-term. If you do, then you could always leave them in self storage and collect them when needed. 

Do you have any further questions about how a self storage unit can help you declutter your home for Christmas? Contact Calloway Storage today. Our team of experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.