Spring Cleaning? Don’t Clean Out Your Garage Without These Four Tips!

The garage is the proverbial man-cave, and a “two-car” garage in Canada really means somewhere to stash all the seasonal necessities such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. The shed is filled with lawn chairs and old pool toys, and you know that the snow is about to release you from the winter laziness, and you’ll have to spring forward into cleaning.

It’s time to clean the most forgotten about areas of the house, and before you can bring out the BBQ and put the toboggans in the rafters, consider a deep clean.

1 . Clear It Out

Space, the final frontier, when we lack it we can either clear out or move out. It’s best to give yourself a day or two to fully clear out the garage, as much of the storage items include heavy machinery and overhead items in the rafters. Don’t ruin your lawn with your junk either, with a portable storage you can get a unit delivered, fill it up and keep it on your property or even have it picked up and kept at a facility.

2 . Clean It Up

The first part is tiring, but it’s very important to keep the garage clean as it can store many chemicals and garbage, which can cause problems when in close proximity to machinery. The garage is essentially a creative mess, and even artists clean up the paint they spill, and spilling oil is more dangerous than oil paints. Keeping it clean is also keeping everyone safe.

3 . Consider Selling Items

If it’s been an episode of the Hoarders, maybe it’s time to tone down the sentimentality and get your garage back by selling items you haven’t used in two years. Why keep your precious car out in the cold, and your junk inside safe and warm? Renting a portable storage unit can help you sort the broken or older items that need to be thrown away from items you may want to sell or keep in storage. Your broken junk might be another man’s treasure.

4 . Keep it Clean

You’ve survived the biggest cleaning job of the spring season, but the hardest part is keeping it clean. There are tons of benefits to keeping your car in the garage especially during winter months to protect from snow, but this summer, keep your garage tidy and impress your neighbourhoods with newfound square-footage. Your garage doesn’t have to be an embarrassment, show it off.

Items that are only used during specific seasons can get crowded in sheds and garages, but there are many storage options at Calloway Storage. We offer secure on-site storage lockers as well as fully portable units, dropped off at your home for temporary use and transported back to our location for longer term solutions.

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