Spring Clean Storage Unit

Why You Should Spring Clean Your Self-Storage Unit

For many homeowners across Ontario spring it’s time to clean their homes, get rid of unwanted items and reorganize where they are storing their possessions. 

Cleaning your home once winter comes to an end is crucial for many homeowners’ happiness and mental wellbeing, but have you considered the benefits of also cleaning your self-storage unit?

If you have a self-storage unit you will know just how beneficial they can be. They offer you a place to store belongings during a transition, they are a fantastic location for storing seasonal gear and they are a perfect solution for any homeowner looking to declutter their property

If you have had a self-storage unit for a long period of time, however, you’ll know that things can easily get out of hand. We advise that storage unit renters should visit their unit a few times a year to give it a good clean and declutter.

A spring clean of your storage unit will:

  • Give you more space to work with.
  • Prevent dust and insects from accumulating on your belongings. 
  • Help you to organize your unit and create an inventory of what you have inside it
  • And much more!

To help you benefit from a self-storage spring cleaning, Calloway Storage has listed some tips to get you started: 

Think about decluttering 

We know your self-storage unit is a place to store items so that you can declutter your home, but that doesn’t mean your unit has to be full of clutter either. Just because you have the space in your storage unit, that doesn’t mean you need to keep all of your possessions just in case you “might” need them.

As you clean your storage unit, use this time to sort through your belongings – placing them into piles of keep, discard and donate. By decluttering your storage unit, you will have more space to store the items that are truly important to you.

Use this time to create an inventory 

Once you’ve managed to remove the items you don’t want from your storage unit, you can use this as an opportunity to create an inventory list of what items you have stored away in your unit. 

By creating an inventory of your items, along with a rough map of where they are stored in your unit, you’ll be able to go into your unit when you want something and find it without having to rummage through old boxes for an hour or two.

Clean your unit and the belongings in it

Self-storage units are designed specifically to protect your items from damage, whether it be protecting your belongings from damp weather conditions or securing items from animal damage.

However, it doesn’t hurt to take some additional precautions. By sweeping and mopping your storage unit, as well as cleaning dust off of your possessions, you will help make your belongings last longer in storage and preserve whatever value they possess – whether it’s sentimental or financial. 

This is particularly important for collectable and vintage items – such as artwork, paintings, furniture and vinyls.

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