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Back to School Clear-out? How Self-Storage Helps

It’s that time of year again! While the younger crowd is loading up on binders, coloured pencils, and the latest locker decor – many college and university students are packing up cars with boxes of clothing, small appliances and moving out of the family home.

For some parents becoming empty nesters means making use of an empty bedroom, converting it over to a study, guest room or even a special function space, like a studio or craft room.

The thing is most of us don’t have enough space. And personal belongings are hard to make decisions about – so there is a tendency to keep lots of childhood toys, books, games and more. A self-storage locker is an extension of your household storage – providing safe, clean, storage with 24×7 access.

It makes sense to use a temporary storage unit to store personal belongings and furnishing that belong to the young adult student while they are away at school. It frees up the empty bedroom, but it also allows belongings to be easily moved back or passed along in years to come when the graduate is ready to set up house on their own.

Here are three ways that a self-storage unit helps with a back to school clear-out.

#1 – Flexible Sizes of Storage Space – You might think that a storage locker is big enough to park a car in, and while we do have units that can hold the contents of a house, we also have smaller spaces that would be the right size for a student room clear out. For example at our MacTier location we have spaces as small as 5×10, 10×10, and 10×15. These are perfect for the contents of a bedroom with extra space for your student’s paddle board, skate board, bike, and more.

#2 – Consolidation of Belongings – As children grow up and move out, there is a process of consolidating their belongings so they can decided what they want to keep at a temporary residence (for example a student house) or the first new home or apartment. A storage locker will help you go through your house and build up a collection of their possessions over time.

#3 – Easy to Access – Students come and go and you may need to move furnishings back and forth between your home and your storage unit. Storage facilities offer complete self-service access, 24×7. So if you need to temporarily convert your study back into a bedroom, it’s no problem to move furniture back and forth.

Calloway storage provides:

  • 4 Hour Access
  • Variety of Unit Sizes Available
  • Drive-up Access
  • Great Locations
  • Easy Bill Payment Options
  • Great Customer Service

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