Don’t Let Flooding Put A Damper On Your Cottage Retreat

It’s no surprise to people living in the Muskoka region that the beautiful watershed can become a temporary pain with seasonal snow melt. Sheds and tarping can only provide so much security in times of flooding. To ensure this season doesn’t put a damper on your cottage getaway in the summer, consider a portable storage unit.

Small House or Condo Living – The Need for Storage

Moving from a bigger house into a condo or a smaller house can be a challenge. You are preparing to move, and you realize that your new condo, or the smaller house you bought, will not have enough storage space. You may have larger furniture that you are not yet ready to sell, or other items that might not fit into your new place.

Keep Your Cottage Belongings Safe This Winter

We have been lucky to enjoy such a warm fall this year and as a result, many cottage owners have had the opportunity to put off closing their cottage, enjoying a couple extra weekends of some well-deserved R&R.But as the weather gets cooler and winter edges closer, it will soon be time to start packing up your cottage.

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